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  • Gold Valley
    The brand offers a diverse range of high quality spreads with a rich creamy taste and soft texture, sweet cream buttermilk and pure vegetable oil give a butter/margarine alternative that love our customers because they have a rich and a creamy homemade taste only found at the finest country markets and are priced at a fraction of the cost of butter!
  • Ferma
    Ferma is a brand of natural dairy product made fromnatural milk in compliance with the National Standards of Ukraine (DSTU).†
    In its category the Ferma brand is growing most quickly. During its first year†Ferma†placed in the TOP FIVE among producers of packaged butter based on Ukrainian sales volume.†
    Ferma’s excellent butter and cheese were honored to be included in the international tasting competition which was held within the international exhibition WorldFood 2013.
  • Tulchinka
    Tulchinka is the leading trademark in Ukraine for the production and sale of butter, spreads, and cheese and dairy products.†
    This is the brand with greatest recognition, usage and consumer loyalty on the national market.†
    The products of Tulchinka are widely represented in the international market and are very popular among the consumers from Russia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Tiraspol and Georgia.
  • 100 cows
    Products: Spread
    This fine spread with a homemade buttery taste and smooth creamy structure is widely and ideal used for cooking and baking. And since our blends are made with the finest ingredients, they will enhance the taste and quality of all your meals with a 100% butter flavor, our butter blends are available in a variety of percentages to satisfy your cooking needs.
  • ChocoNutto
    “Ő ChocoNutto
  • Premialle
    The products of Premialle are made from whole natural milk of the highest and extra grades supplied. Modern equipment, innovative technology and detailed quality control allow us to produce premium dairy products which contain all nutritional elements.†
    The products of Premialle include milk, kefir, bio kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream, and drinking and spoonable yoghurt in ecological glass containers. Granulated cottage cheese, cream, soft salt cheese such as feta and brynza are produced under Premialle as well.
  • Zolotoy Reserv
    Under Zolotoy Reserv, TERRA FOOD GROUP produces butter, hard cheeses and processed cheese of the highest quality only from natural foodstuffs, flavors and food-grade dyes without additives. As an example, Zolotoy Reserv produces its trademark butter from fresh, unfrozen cream. Zolotoy ReservĎs products have received numerous national and international awards, including WorldFood 2012 Ukraine, WorldFood 2013 Ukraine and 100 best products of Ukraine 2013.
  • Bila Linia
    Bila Linia produces traditional dairy products in PET-packaging for family usage: milk, kefir, bio kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream, yogurts and inoculum, all made exclusively from high-quality whole natural milk with maximum preservation of its natural characteristics.
  • Vapniarka
    Products: Cheese
    Vapniarka is an authentic brand which preserves the traditions of classical production. This brand is among the TOP THREE trademarks according to Russian cheese sales in Ukraine, and has one of the highest coefficients of the knowledge convertation into usage.†
    The excellent taste of the standard Russian cheese of Vapniarka was confirmed at the international tasting competition which was held within the international exhibition WorldFood 2013.
  • Ukrainian Glory
    Products: Spread
    Ukrainian Glory is well-known brand in the international markets. Ukrainian Glory's spread owes its success to a wide product range combined with world level quality and the best traditions of local Ukrainian butter-makers. We offer the finest value for your money and guaranteed to your satisfaction.
    Products: Yogurts
  • “ulchyn
    “ulchyn produces sausage products of high quality, made with fresh milk, without glutamate, without genetically modified products and without soy.
  • Salyamini
    Salyamini are raw smoked sausages with various tastes, which perfectly satisfy hunger in a pinch.
  • Hmyzok
    Hmyzok are unique and tasty raw smoked sausages in wholesome coverings made from algae. They are irreplaceable for picnics and parties and also come in handy during the holidays.