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Butter and Spread

Production of butter and spreads is one of the key activities of TERRA FOOD GROUP. The tradition of making butter at the company’s plants extends back more than 100 years. We work hard to preserve our traditional production values, yet company has also become an industry leader in the application of innovative technology and advanced equipment, allowing us constantly to improve the quality of our products. 
It was TERRA FOOD GROUP which began the manufacture of “spread,” a popular worldwide food product which contains less cholesterol and is literally more spreadable than butter. 
Now four modern and highly productive enterprises of Group - Tulchin Creamery, Reshetilovsky Creamery, Druzhba Dairy Company in Ukraine and Tulchinka.RU Plant in the Russian Federation concentrate on butter and spread production. Total capacity of these butter and spread manufacturers is 114 thousand tons of finished product per year, which makes TERRA FOOD GROUP Ukraine’s market leader and one of the three largest producers in Russia, as well as the largest spread exporter in the CIS, the Middle East and North Africa. 
Group’s plants are able to manufacture butter with fat content specified by the customer and spreads with fat and milk fat content specified. At the same time, plant equipment allows us to turn out products in the monolith as well as in specific types of packaging to meet different customers’ needs. 
The company’s plants are certified according to national and international food safety and quality standards and environmental management system standards - ISO 9001:2008, DSTU ISO 9001:2009, ISO 22000:2005. 

Cheese and Cheese Product

Eight companies of TERRA FOOD GROUP (Kryzhopolsky, Vapnyarsky, Rozhischensky Cheese Factories, Tulchin Butter and Cheese Factory, Korninsky cheese factory, Novaodesa cheese factory, Chechelnitsky Processed Cheese Factory and Reshetilovsky Creamery) manufacture processed cheese and cheese products. Total production capacity of these enterprises is 33.5 thousand tons of hard cheese and 6.5 thousand tons of processed cheese per year. Production involves only high-grade materials and traditional recipes, enhanced by cheesemakers’ experience accumulated through generations. Ongoing investment in equipment upgrades and production process automation allows these plants to turn out consistently high-quality products. 

The plants employ a certified integrated food quality and safety management system - DSTU ²SO 9001:2009, DSTU ²SO 22000:2007. 

Hard and processed cheeses and cheese products under the trademarks of Vapniarka, Laureat, Tulchinka, Zolotoy Reserv and Vid Pryrody are exported to the CIS, the Middle East and North Africa.

Dairy Products

The Belotserkovsky Dairy Plant, the most modern plant in Eastern Europe, manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality premium and classic dairy products. Built in accordance with International Dairy Federation standards and European Union directives, the plant is capable of producing over 60,000 tons of whole-milk products (pasteurized milk, fermented baked milk, kefir and biokefir, yogurt, cream and sour cream) and 2 880 tons of soft cheese per year. 
New production technology, advanced equipment, cutting edge milk processing practices and the best cultures and packaging in the industry allow the plant to provide consumers with high-quality, safe dairy products. 
The enterprise employs HACCP standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, which tightly control food quality and safety throughout the whole chain of production to the final consumer. 
That TERRA FOOD GROUP is the sole supplier of milk mixtures for milkshakes, smoothies and soft ice cream for McDonald’s fast food chain in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia is recognition enough of excellence and high performance standards. Dairy products from Group not only occupy a leading position in the domestic market of Ukraine but are also exported to Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia. 

Meat Products

TERRA FOOD GROUP also is a successful part of the meat industry, owning the valuable asset of the Tulchin meat-packing plant, a modern facility for the manufacture of high-quality meat products which has repeatedly been honored with prestigious awards for exemplary quality. 
The company has implemented the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system.
The company processes only chilled meat of home-slaughtered cattle. 
The range includes about 100 names under the trademarks Tulchin, Myasna Kraina, Hmyzok and Salyam³n³. 
Company customers include leaders in the meat-processing industry, semi-fabricators and food manufacturers, retailers and others.