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Butter and Spread


TERRA FOOD GROUP is the leading marketer of butter in the Ukraine. Group’s plants use choice high-grade milk from ecologically pristine regions of Ukraine for butter production. Thanks to modern equipment and skilled professionals, butter produced by TERRA FOOD GROUP offers consistently high quality and taste.

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  • Developed raw materials base and on-site milk preparation allow us to turn out cost-competitive products. 
  • Modern equipment enables butter packaging of various types and weights. 
  • Strong Group's brands and marketing support both in Ukraine and in foreign markets drive market success. 
  • The consistent high quality and classic sweet-cream taste of our butter ensure high customer loyalty.
  • Proposed fat and weight range of our sweet-cream butter matches common consumer preferences. 
  • Our butter is perfect for spreading on sandwiches, adding to cereals, preparing sauces, baking and cooking other dishes. 
  • Environmentally friendly and modern, Group’s butter packaging protects the product reliably from external effects while retaining the quality and taste of the product. 
  • An additional cardboard package for premium butter further protects the product from mechanical damage and reduces effects of elevated temperature, retaining physical, chemical and flavor properties of the product.
  • We practice quality control at all production levels - from receipt of raw materials to the store shelf. 
  • An accredited laboratory thoroughly tests the choice milk used for our butter production. We then use the most modern equipment to separate and pasteurize the milk.  
  • Our special packaging preserves the butter’s crystal lattice, retaining the necessary hard texture of the final product. 
  • The date on the butter package is the production date, not the packing date. We do not freeze butter and are therefore able to assure our customers of freshness. 
  • Group’s natural butter production companies are certified in accordance with international quality standards - ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 - which allows for an integrated quality assurance system. 
  • As a result of its high quality and excellent flavor, TERRA FOOD GROUP-produced butter has received numerous awards in Ukrainian and international competitions. 
  • Fresh natural butter contains fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D, in addition to B vitamins, micro- and macronutrients much needed by the human body.


Spread manufactured by TERRA FOOD GROUP is a healthy and high-quality product with a delicate creamy taste and soft texture, which combines the benefits of milk fats and vegetable oils.

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  • Our spreads offer a more affordable price due to partial substitution of expensive milk fat with vegetable oil. 
  • Group's spreads have a storage period longer than butter has (spread: maximum 120 days; butter: 75 days). 
  • Maximum allowable storage temperature is higher (+4 C. compared to 0 C. for butter,), therefore, storage cost and risk of spoilage are lower. 
  • We are able to manufacture products with specific characteristics (milkfat content, melting point and moisture content) for use in various recipes. 
  • Group's spreads have a vast application - as a standalone product, in candy and bread production, in the manufacture of chocolate and ice cream, combined with meat and dairy products.
  • “Spread,” as its name implies, is incredibly easy to spread on bread even when chilled, due to product consistency. 
  • Spread does not burn and does not foam when frying. 
  • Our spreads are ideal for baking and cooking creams, significantly outperforming margarine due to milkfat content. 
  • Storability is longer due to natural preservative vitamin E.
  • Spreads contain a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are essential for functioning of every human cell. Spread has far less cholesterol than butter. 
  • Spread is high in vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties. 
  • Spread contains vitamin A, useful for vision and healthy skin. 
  • Spread also contains vitamin D, which encourages healthy bones. 
  • Finally, spread contains a low and strictly regulated transfat content, which is harmful to the human body (in concentrations of more than 8%), unlike margarine.