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Dairy Products

One of the main activities of TERRA FOOD GROUP is the production of whole-milk and cultured milk products. Milk and cream, kefir, biokefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream, yogurt and cultures are made exclusively from whole natural milk with maximum preservation of natural properties and characteristics.

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  • Raw material is milk of extra, premium and first grades with constant fat and protein rates.†
  • Modern equipment and innovative processes allow the company not only to produce a classic range of whole-milk products but also to respond quickly to market demands by manufacturing original European-style dairy products.
  • The company actively and positively influences the dairy industry. Based on global experience and introducing our own best practices, we create and successfully develop new products for Ukraine, offering those products both on the domestic market and for export.†
  • European hygiene standards, including clean production facilities, equipment and air, in addition to safe, transportable packages, guarantee a long shelf life to our products. Strict cold-chain compliance monitoring ensures consistently high quality.†
  • Thanks to our own well-established and extensive distribution network, we deliver necessary volumes of our products in Ukraine and abroad promptly. Throughout the route, a staff of transport and trade departments of the company controls delivery.†
  • Beginning in 2012, TERRA FOOD GROUP has been one of 10 leaders of the Ukrainian dairy product market.
  • The first Ukrainian premium dairy product line under trademark Premialle offers milk, fermented baked milk, kefir and biokefir, all produced in glass containers, the best for storage of dairy products as well as psychologically and aesthetically most attractive for the consumer. Products are available in 750- and 340-gm bottles.†
  • The 260-gm original Premialle line offers new packaging for kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt and sour cream, each cooked by a thermostatically controlled method.†
  • Bila Liniya products are available to gratify the diverse tastes of the whole family, offering the widest range of traditional dairy products in PET packaging, including pasteurized milk, kefir, biokefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, granulated cottage cheese, cream, sour cream and culture.†
  • TM 100 Cows allows the consumer on a budget access to high-quality whole-milk products (milk, kefir, sour cream) available in a family package. The main goal of the 100 Cows line is useful, natural products at an affordable price.
  • Production facilities set up according to International Dairy Federation requirements and CE directives on dairy product safety allow TERRA FOOD GROUP for the first time in Ukraine to manufacture dairy products which meet or exceed the highest international standards.†
  • In order to obtain high-quality raw materials, we work with large agricultural firms and farms located in central Ukraine.†
  • For the production of dairy products, farms equipped with mechanized milking equipment guarantee milk purity.†
  • The plant employs advanced technology with gentle milk processing modes which retain healthful milk components - protein, minerals and vitamins - to the utmost.†
  • In our manufacturing of cultured milk products, we use cultures of direct application which allows us to create products with superior taste, smell and texture as well as to extend shelf life in a natural way through the formation of biologically active substances.†
  • Quality control at every stage, from receipt of raw materials on the farm to delivery of finished products to retail outlets, is an integral part of the production of whole-milk products by TERRA FOOD GROUP.