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Meat Products

The modern Tulchynmyaso meat-packing factory comprises the meat division of TERRA FOOD GROUP. Tulchynmyaso produces more than 100 kinds of sausages, frankfurters, wieners, smoked meats and other meat products from high-grade meat supplied by Zelenaya Dolina Agrocomplex. High-quality raw materials, advanced equipment from globally renowned manufacturers, wide experience of masters, fragrant spices and best recipes – these have garnered the love of customers all over Ukraine and the recognition of industry experts worldwide. Ukraine’s domestic market makes up a great part of the company’s focus on meat and meat products. Most of these natural meat products have a short shelf life which limits export opportunities. However, we do offer fermented sausages as well as original meat snacks (raw smoked miniature Salyamini sausages and Hmyzok sausages) to our partners outside Ukraine. 

Our fermented sausages consist of raw smoked and dry-cured meat products. Raw smoked sausages are cased products prepared from minced meat, lard, salt and spices, all of which are settled, smoked and dried. These sausages are quite storable. Meat preparation includes fermentation all along the different stages of sausage production. These sausages differ from fresh sausages by dense texture, hearty flavor and a spicy, salty taste. Due to significant dehydration, they can be stored for a long time. 
Our Salyamini and Hmyzok meat snacks are the perfect way for meat eaters to satisfy hunger quickly, are delicious with beer and also work well in salads, canapés and other dishes.

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  • Reputation of successful manufacturer since 1937 confirmed by dominant position in the domestic market, top places at well-known industry competitions and long-term cooperation with the largest local (Fozzy Group, Novus, Ekomarket and others) and international (Metro Cash & Cary, Auchan, Billa) retail chains. 
  • Modern equipment and manufacturing techniques guarantee product quality and successful competition with the best known international brands. 
  • Hygienic, high-quality and handy individual packaging extends shelf life of the product up to 90-120 days.  
  • Product packaging has a fixed weight. 
  • Products have vast application – as standalone starters, as wonderful accompaniments to beer and as an added ingredient for various savory dishes.
  • Our raw smoked snacks are ready-to-eat and hygienically packed which makes it possible to take them outside or on a picnic. 
  • Individual hygienic packaging allows us to produce miniature sausages without a casing. (Cases can be difficult to remove without damaging the product surface.)
  • For snack production we use only high-grade cooled meat supplied by Group’s agrocomplex located in an ecologically clean region. 
  • Workers perform rigorous disinfection of production equipment every day before and after work, and the laboratory takes wipe samples for purity in order to guarantee the safety of our products. In addition, the company has implemented the ISO9001-2000 quality management system. 
  • We use only natural spices. 
  • Professional tasters evaluate meat products for compliance of organoleptic characteristics with specified product standards daily.