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Butter Vegetable Ghee

"TERRA FOOD" GROUP is the first Ukrainian enterprise that started high-quality butter vegetable ghee production. Butter vegetable ghee - is an economical analog of melted butter. It contains minimal quantity of cholesterol, has a delicate taste and can be stored at the room temperature.

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  • We offer butter vegetable ghee at affordable price due to partial substitution of milk fat with vegetable oil.
  • Butter vegetable ghee storage period is up to two yeas at maximum allowable storage temperature which is higher, than for butter. Therefore, the product is ideal for countries with hot climate.
  • We manufacture butter vegetable ghee according to customer requirements. You can choose the butter vegetable ghee of an available "TERRA FOOD" GROUP's product range or order a product with specific characteristics required: physico-chemical (total fat, milk fat content, melting point and moisture content) and organoleptic (taste, texture, odor).
  • Our butter vegetable ghee are ideal for frying, stewing, salads (meat and vegetable) napping, baking.
  • Due to the obvious creamy taste, butter vegetable ghee harmoniously complements and adds a special, slightly sweet, savory taste to cooking.
  • Butter vegetable ghee is high in vitamin E, which has beneficial effects on the skin and body in general.
  • Butter vegetable ghee contains unsaturated fatty acids that help toxins excretion.
  • It is assimilated by the human body for nearly 100%.
  • Due to the low milk fat content, butter vegetable ghee is suitable for people with lactose intolerance.