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The words, used on the website, like ‘the Group’, ‘the Holding’, ‘TERRA FOOD’, ‘We, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ stand for, as the context may require, TERRA FOOD Holding Company or all legal entities under TERRA FOOD Group in general. TERRA FOOD Group is a communicative name for all legal entities and/or all business units under TERRA FOOD Group in general and used by TERRA FOOD Holding Company for external corporate communication.


Terms and Conditions

The website is administered by TERRA FOOD Holding Company (‘the Group, ‘the Company’, ‘the Holding’, ‘We’ can also be used to stand for TERRA FOOD Holding Company). Please read the website terms and conditions carefully. While visiting the website you agree to comply with the ‘Terms and Conditions’. In case you disagree with the ‘Terms and Conditions’ you should not visit the website or look through information contained in these pages. You can forward your questions or proposals considering the website to e-mails indicated in the ‘Contacts’ section or mail them to: 


TERRA FOOD Holding Company 

Sales and Marketing Department 

8 Zelenohirska St., 03037 Kyiv, Ukraine 



We respect every visitor’s personal privacy. The section describes our policy on confidentiality, privacy, collection and use of information about users, including their personal data. 


1. Personal information 

Some sections of our website request you to provide your personal data. For example, we may need your surname and name, e-mail and mail addresses to answer your questions. Some personal information may be collected automatically. This is basic information including your browser type and language, time of your visit and your IP address (Internet Protocol). We may send cookie to your computer. You are not obliged to accept these files. If you don't want to receive cookie files, you can change your browser settings so that your computer will ban such files. 


2. Use of personal data

TERRA FOOD Holding Company has the right to use personal information as follows: 

  • From time to time we submit your personal data to our subcontractors to maintain the website.  
  • Moreover, we can disclose your personal data a) on demand of law-enforcement authorities and other authorized state bodies; b) if law or court decision require us to disclose your personal data; c) when we think that such disclosure may prevent fraud and violation of rights of TERRA FOOD Group or its business units or d) in order to guarantee personal protection of TERRA FOOD’s employees or third parties being in the area owned by the company. 
  • We reserve the right to disclose your personal data in case we purchase, join or perform other types of reorganization of our business nationwide. In these cases it may be necessary to disclose personal information to a potential purchaser and submit it through dealers. We will do our best in order to protect personal information, which is submitted when such transactions are performed.  


3. Confidential information 

TERRA FOOD Holding Company takes all proper measures to avoid loss, abuse, change or unlawful disclosure of your personal information. Third parties, organizations and freelancers working with the Company on a contract basis, and also representatives of TERRA FOOD Holding Company, who have access to your personal information, are obliged to treat this information as confidential. 


4. References to websites of third parties 

Our website may contain references to other websites that are already available in the Internet and have their own terms of use. We do not bear responsibility for their content; we provide references to these websites only for your convenience. TERRA FOOD Holding Company is not responsible for accuracy of information contained in other websites as well as for their operations. 

While visiting these websites, you acknowledge and agree that we do not bear (direct or indirect) responsibility and obligations in case any real or possible losses or damage may occur due to your use of information, goods and services presented at any websites alike. You use these sites at your own risk. 


General terms of using the website 

1. The website provides information with no guarantees, except special cases. Information, contained in the website, serves general purposes and introduces people to the Company and its operations nationwide. The Company has taken all necessary measures to make sure information, contained in the website, corresponds to reality at the moment it is published.

2. Except cases, specially indicated on the website, TERRA FOOD Holding Company bears no responsibility for the content or use of any web page or messages sent or received by you. 

3. All intellectual property rights, referring to the website, including copyrights, rights for trademarks of goods and services (trademarks), are the property of TERRA FOOD Holding Company. You do not have any other rights for using the website except the right for its use restricted by the ‘Terms and Conditions’. It is not allowed to print or download information and content of the website for personal and commercial purposes. It is not allowed to offer for sale, sell or distribute any information contained on the website without obtaining prior a written permission from Marketing and Sales Department of TERRA FOOD Holding Company. If the above-mentioned permission is obtained, the reference to http://terrafood-export.com is obligatory. Any part of the website can't be used as part of any other website by adding the hyperlink in the Internet, except in cases when TERRA FOOD Holding company provides you with a written permission. Considering restrictions, stated here, you can download and use photos and videos, contained in the ‘Gallery’ section, and use them in mass media (including Internet resources) for demonstrating information about TERRA FOOD Holding Company provided that the hyperlink to http://terrafood-export.com is available. 

4. It is not allowed to use the website to do any illegal activity, especially send, use, copy, publish and allow publications of any obscene, threatening, libelous and offensive nature. It is not allowed to send any advertising materials or messages alike that may interfere with operations of the website or with any other visitor's use.

5. TERRA FOOD Holding Company reserves the unlimited right to add, change, remove information, suspend operations of the entire website and restrict access to it any time without prior notification.

6. When accepting these ‘Terms and Conditions’, you agree that you will compensate TERRA FOOD Holding company any losses and expenses (including the attorney's fee) that may occur in case you  misuse the website or violate these ‘Terms and Conditions’. 

7. If you violate these ‘Terms and Conditions’, TERRA FOOD Holding Company has the right, at its own discretion, to suspend or restrict your access to the website and deny you access to it in future.

8. Access to the website is free, TERRA FOOD and Holding Company does not bear responsibility if you may suffer direct or indirect losses due to your use of the website. You may avoid this situation if you immediately stop using the website. 

9. TERRA FOOD Holding company has the right to introduce changes into these ‘Terms and Conditions’. 

10. These ‘Terms and Conditions’ as well as the website content are protected by law of Ukraine, which regulates all disputable issues.